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ShareMagic PRO 8.7

ShareMagic™ is the new generation analysis package from ProfileData
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ShareMagic™ is the new generation analysis package from ProfileData. Combining the power of technical and fundamental analysis, ShareMagic™ PRO provides all the tools required to make shrewd investment decisions.

It is widely recognised that fundamental analysis provides the best tools for determining what to buy, while technical analysis is best for determining when to buy.

With ShareMagic™ PRO you get the best of both worlds. By combining powerful fundamental analysis with charting techniques, ShareMagic™ PRO enables investors to build value portfolios with high growth potential by combining charts and fundamentals in an original and meaningful way:
- Detailed company fact sheets
- Superb charting module
- The best fundamental analysis tools
- Powerful explorations module

All these features are combined into a single, seamlessly integrated package which allows you to start anywhere and click to other key areas.

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